We recently dedicated one of our posts to talk about Christmas markets and fairs not to be missed in Barcelona. In our desire to fill your schedule with the best activities, today we have listed 5 suggestions for enjoying Christmas in Barcelona. Santa is coming to town…


Navidades en Barcelona, Portal del Àngel

Portal del Àngel – Photo unajaponesaenjapon.com

Christmas is full of excitement, love, peace and lights, many lights. In Barcelona, thousands of bulbs are lit to provide that warm Christmas color: from 27th November until the end of the Holidays.

The lights are lit every day from 18h until midnight. In the main shopping streets, they also go with the most legendary and popular Christmas carols. From Hostemplo, we highly recommend you to have a walk through the most central streets: Pelayo, Las Ramblas, Portal del Angel, definitely a must-visit to have some selfies taken with the family.


Tió de Nadal, Navidad en Barcelona, tradiciones

Tió de Nadal – Photo eluniversopordescubrir.com

Why not taking a magic log or the iconic caganer home with you? As we already mentioned at some point,  in Catalonia we have a couple of traditions worth knowing about.

One of them is the Tió de Nadal or cagatió (Christmas log), which is a magic log that defecates dropping presents for the kids (yes, you read right, it “defecates”). According to the legend, the log comes from magic woods and the children must take it home with them and feed it. If they feed it properly and behave, the tió will defecate, dropping great gifts, after singing a song and beating it with a stick. Don’t you find it touching? We love it! 

caganer, Navidad en Barcelona

Caganer – Photo  Comuna de Icaria

The caganer is a little model that Catalans always add to the Nativity scene. The model is a man defecating, as you read it! (we are pretty scatological in Catalonia). Legend says that this model became popular during the Baroque period, as people aimed to make religion more realistic. You can find the whole story on wikipedia, really worth reading!


Pessebre de Nadal, Plaça de Sant Jaume, Navidad en Barcelona

Photo Pessebre de Plaça Jaume – barcinonews

The most legendary crèche in Barcelona is with no doubts the one located at Plaça Sant Jaume, another must-visit! It is worth visiting even if you have already seen it before, as it keeps changing every year, and entrance is free! The Nativity scene takes a big part of the square and is full of details of Bible scenes, counting also on the presence of the three Wise Men and, of course, the presence of the popular Caganer!


Although very popular among locals, it is probably  pretty unknown by the tourists. The Children’s Festival is one of the best activities for the little ones at home. The reason to be excited about Christmas holidays every year!

Located at Reina María Cristina Avenue in Barcelona (Montjuïc) this venue means a real paradise for kids: full of children’s activities, workshops, handcrafts…the festival is open from 27th Decembar until 4th January, get your tickets now!


turrons vicens

Photo Christmas candies – Vicens

One of the most popular things at Christmas is food, particularly sweets. This happens in many other cultures, so why should the Catalan one be different. And you may be wondering, which are the typical Christmas sweets in Catalonia?

The most emblematic candies in Catalonia are turrones (nougat candy), polvorones (crumbly shortbread), neulas (wafer) and also yule log cakes. Plus, exclusively for the Epiphany’s day, almost every home has a Three Kings Cake, with its crown, ist surprise gift and its bean inside. You can buy this products in most bakeries, but when it comes to turrones and neulas, our recommendation: go to Vicens! Taking into account where we are, we shouldn’t forget cava to help all that food get through.

Did we fill your schedule? Remember that you can find much more in our article about Christmas markets and fairs. This Christmas, experience Barcelona and enjoy with your friendas and family! Stay at your home, Hostemplo! We will welcome you with open arms and a free breakfast if you book on our web. Season’s greetings!