Like every year, September has arrived: back to work, back to school and back to routine for most of Barcelona citizens and half of the world. What’s good about it in Barcelona? By the end of the month takes place Barcelona’s biggest festival, a must in September’s calendar for every local, as well as for the tourists visiting Barcelona from the 17th and 25th September. That’s why today, at Hostemplo, we tell you about the best events, concerts and basically, about the essentials to enjoy La Mercè 2016

Castellers en Plaza Sant Jaume

Photo Castellers at Plaza Sant Jaume – El País

Although it will be at the weekend of the 23rd, 24th and 25th when there will be more things happening, traditional acts will already take place from Saturday 17th with the Cercavila (a sort of parade) that will show the giants of the city walking around from Plaza Cataluña to Drassanes. A must if you are travelling with kids, they love it!

The following day, on the 18th September, the traditional Cursa de la Mercè (a 20 km run, almost half marathon) will take place. Just perfect, runners! There are several cultural and traditional events happening during the week as well:

On the big day, the 24th September, you will be able to enjoy all kind of traditional events of the Catalan culture: “trabucaires” (artillerymen), “Moixiganga” (traditional dance mixed with human towers – castells -), open day in the main museums of the city and exhibitions, sport tournaments, etc.

Piromusical La Merce

Photo Piromusical La Mercè.

On the last day, Sunday 25th, we must highlight the exhibition of human towersEls Castellers– at Plaza Sant Jaume, where different ‘colles’ (groups that build human towers) will perform amazing human towers in front of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan regional government). And of course, we couldn’t forget about the Grand Finale, the impressive Piromusical (show of fireworks with music) at plaza de España.

There are also many other events which are not as traditional, such as: beach-volley tournaments, concerts, theater, dance… that may also be of your interest. We recommend that you have the official program of la Mercè 2016 around. You can also look up the daily schedule on the official website of La Mercè 2016La Mercè 2016.
href=””>programa oficial de la Mercè 2016.


La Mercè 2016 arrives full of concerts that you can’t miss. There are the “official” ones on one side, and also the ones organized byBAM (Barcelona Acció Musical), so the musical offer for these festival days is huge.

“Official” concerts (just to give them a name) tha we recommend from Hostemplo:
Kiko Veneno en concierto. La Mercè

The author of the famous Volando voy, performed by Camarón for the first time, arrives in Barcelona to review his broad musical background. He will not be alone, as the Banda del Retumbe and the Cuarteto Bético de Cuerdas come with him. The artist, an expert in flamenco-rock fusion, has never stopped innovating and will present some new songs at La Mercè, together with some classic hits and alternate version songs. It is with no doubt a renewed classic, that presents his first live album together with Doble Vivo.

La Pegatina en concierto, La Mercè.

The band from Montcada i Reixac are back one more year at la Mercè to make us dance like crazy until exhaustion. La Pegatina, with the years, has become the band-to-have at every local festival worth its salt, always meeting the audience expectations of singing and dancing rumbas. This year they rewrite the rules with an extended format of up to 14 musicians on stage, plus guests and audience members who join, as it is already usual at their shows. It will surely be one of the mass concerts at la Mercè 2016.

You’ll be able to check all the concerts here>>

For the hipsters ones and/or those willing to get to know local bands of Barcelona, we highlight the offer made every year by BAM (Barcelona Acció Musical), a free festival with the goal of promoting local bands and musicians, as well as international ones, from an underground environment. The concerts take place in the Raval area. Have a look at their teaser video! You’ll be able to Check the schedule on this web!

Official La Mercè 2016 video – BAM (Barcelona Acció Musical)

BAM 2016  Barcelona Cultura on Vimeo.

You will definitely need a good rest after so much party! So you know, book your room at Hostemplo on our web and you’ll get free breakfast on your first night! What else can you ask for? Enjoy La Mercè 2016 like crazy, experience it at Hostemplo!