The vermouth is the new cocktail. This fortified wine flavored with herbs and spices is the latest trend to go out on a bar route before lunch. Want to join the trend? Let’s go for vermouth in Barcelona, more precisely in Poble Sec, Sant Antoni and Sants. Come and find out the best bars to taste it.


carrer blai

Blai Street, Poble Sec

The Poble Sec neighborhood, located within the Sants Montjuïc district, has become very popular for having one of largest streets in Barcelona for having tapas and pinchos: Blai street. But, beyond this street of temptation and many of the squares around, full of terraces, there are two hidden bars, which are to be considered authentic gastronomic gems among foodies. Ready?

Cal Marino

Cal Marino

Bodega Cal Marino, Poble Sec.

It is a renovated bodega full of charm, with that particular smell of wine, still, and the traditional barrels on which you can taste the best wines. If you are keen on bodegas with charm, this is a must-visit for you! Here, you will have the chance to taste a variety of local vermouths, wines, beers and the best cheeses of Spain and beyond. On top of that, charming Eduard– the owner- and his staff, will suggest which wine to have depending on the tapas you order.

And, if you really liked the wine or vermouth you tasted, you may also take it home with you!

Don’t miss their cheese and croquettes offer, as well as their wide selection of pickles. Want more? Check their web and social networks, they usually have a jazz concert on Sundays.

Where? Margarti 54, Barcelona.

Quimet & Quimet

quimet quimet, barcelona

Quimet & Quimet, Poble Sec.

If The New York Times or The Guardian has covered it… there must be a reason for it!  Hidden in a narrow street, this bar has turned into one of the referents in the neighborhood. A careful selection of wines, beers (one of them, craft beer) and two types of vermouth: one from Reus and the other one on tap. What about eating? They have the most original tapas in the area.

Watch out! Due to the high demand, good reviews and opinions and the little space they have, we do recommend to go right when they open, or just before closing; otherwise it will be difficult to taste their delicious culinary delights..

Where? Poeta Cabanes 25, Barcelona.


Calle Parlament, Bar Calders

 CaldersBar, Calle Parlament, Sant Antoni.

This area of Barcelona has recently become very trendy and it now concentrates many of the bars where we suggest tasting a good vermouth. All in just one street! Parlament, there we go!

Els Sortidors de Parlament

Els Sortidors de Parlament

It is an awesome bar in Parlament Street, where good gastronomy lovers will be immensely happy. Apart from the various vermouth types, which we recommend you to taste, at Els Sortidors you will also find a broad selection of international wines. Though, being selfish, you must taste the ones from l’Empordà!

Els Sortidors de Parlament, vermut en Barcelona
And, to go with your vermouth, we recommend you their selected cold cuts, their canned food and also their most typical and innovative tapas: Omelet pincho and quail eggs stuffed with truffles. Want more? They also organize wine tastes, don’t miss them!

Where? Parlament 53, Barcelona.

Bar Calders

Bar Calders, Barcelona

Calders Bar, Sant Antoni.

just a bar; it is quite an institution that has blazed the trail in the most hipster district of Barcelona at the moment.
Regarding the vermouth, you must know you will be able to taste four different types at Calders, so maybe you will have to go twice if you don’t want to get “too tipsy”.
We recommend to taste their Catalan wines from el Priorat, and if you’d rather drink beer, you’ll fall in love with this place! It is one of the best bars in Barcelona to serve beer on tap. You better get something to eat after so much drinking… Have a go with their tapas collection, a real temptation for all palates!

Their terrace, which is always packed, is like a magnet that will keep you sitting for hours. Want more? Ok, so right behind the bar, there’s a bookshop where you will find all kinds of books, fanzines and alternative publications, 2×1!

Where? Parlament 25, Barcelona.


Plaza Osca, Sants

Plaza Osca, Sants.

Sants is cool! It is not just us who say so. The culinary experts of Barcelona already look differently at this neighborhood. Actually… with Plaza Osca on one hand, where there have been highly recommendable bars for years already, and new restaurants finding their place on the other hand… this is a promising district! So we are not surprised that vermouth trend has also arrived there. And that’s why we suggest two bars to have vermouth in Sants!

Buenavista Bar

Buenavista Bar, Sants.

Buenavista Bar, Sants, Barcelona.

Jordi, bar tender and owner, waits behind the bar of this cozy establishment. In just one year and coexisting with the legendary plaza Osca, Buenavista Bar has managed to earn its place when it comes to choose a bar in Sants.
The decoration with tables and chairs recalling schools in the 80s and 90s and its alternative music, create a really genuine atmosphere. They offer different types of vermouth, making difficult to choose the best one; and they make a bet for local wines, although you may also find a good Ribera del Duero, wines from Rueda and Rioja. To eat, they have a wide variety of tapas with gourmet pickles and a singular and delicious Greek touch that we love. The Russian Salad (Olivier salad) is a must! Want more? They organize trivial evenings and are really active promoting local products.
Where? 23 Santo Cristo Street, Barcelona.


Vermut i a la Gàbia

Vermut i a la gàbia, vermut en Barcelona

From the same owners as next-door’s bar, La Mestressa LINK fb, this cozy vermouth bar is a delight. Tapas, small plates, Espinaler sauce LINK at its most and a strong support of native delicacies and beverages.
Always packed, this impeccable and modern bar counts on friendly bar tenders and a wide variety of vermouths, wines and beers. They also have a terrace; watch out, it is really sought-after! You must taste their vermouth on tap. Are you feeling hungry? Combine it with their Murcian potatoes (sliced roasted potatoes) and let yourself be seduced.

tapas vermut y a la gabia

Where? Plaza Osca 7, Barcelona
And, if you prefer to get to know the history of vermouth and go on a tour through the bars of expert foodies, we recommend you to join the Vermouth Route organized by in two of the districts most devoted to vermouth: Gracia or Poble Sec.
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