In the middle of the summer, with the city full of visitors, it is time to give you some information that shall become indispensable for you. Do you know which apps do the locals use to enjoy 100% Barcelona? While on holidays, wasting your time waiting for the tube or getting to the beach and finding out that it is full of jellyfish is the last thing you want to happen. You’d rather not queue in the heat at that “must-visit” restaurant either. That’s why today, at Hostemplo, we’d like to share with you the apps that will make your days in Barcelona flow. De-stressed holidays with the best technology!


apps transporte /apps transport

Image transport app – Photo Pantea Group

Both if you are travelling to Barcelona or if you are a local, this is a must-have app! With it, you will be able to know how to move faster around the city, how long it will take you, the metro and bus schedule, being also informed of potential delays, changes, etc. de posibles retrasos, cambios y etc.

Free | Available for iOS and Android


If you’d rather travel bay taxi, this is your app! With MyTaxi, you will be able to order your taxi with a click and even book it in advance! If it was not enough, it also keeps you informed on how long it will take your taxi to reach you and estimates how much it may cost, no fraud risk!

Free | Available for iOS and Android


apps playa / beach apps

Image apps and beach – Photo


It is probably one of the most popular and used apps in Spain. Thanks to this wonder of technology, we can get to know the weather forecast for each beach, temperature of the sea, swell strength, wind, tides, etc. It also allows the user saving their favorite beaches, share images or find beaches nearby with the geolocation feature. The ideal app for you this summer!

Free | Available for iOS and Android

Jellyfish take part in our holidays and are probably the part we like the least. This great app prevents us from surprises and gives us real time information on the probabilities of finding jellyfish at the beach. It also offers information on the beach conditions: temperature of the sea, UV ray, etc. 

Free | Available for iOS and Android


apps gastronomía /gastronomy apps

Imágen apps gastronomía – Foto

Eat With:
This platform offers unique experiences to eat with locals in Barcelona. A great opportunity to discover the most authentic flavors of Barcelona, perfect for tourists! And not just tourists… A mix of secrecy and privacy that will let you enjoy 100% the taste of Barcelona.
For those who have not heard of it, Yelp is a social network where users recommend their favorite spots, writing restaurant, shops, and clubs reviews, 100% to be trusted, 100% local recommendations! It also helps you discover new places. Isn’t it cool that even The Simpsons talk about Yelp!

Free | Available for iOS and Android


If you’re a heavy foodie, this app is for you! A mobile app to share photos of the dishes you enjoy. You can label the pictures with the name of the place and users can comment. It is very useful to have a look at the dishes before going for a restaurant or discovering the star dish in the restaurant you are going to. If you eat with your eyes, join foodspotting!

Free | Available for iOS and Android

apps para viajar /apps to travel

Image traveller apps– Photo

BCN City App:
One of the most comprenhensive guides of Barcelona! Ideal both for tourists and locals. Discover the best places to visit: monuments, tours, events, concerts and also: bars and restaurants! The app offers geolocation of everything happening around you.  
Free | Available for iOS and Android
If you are not good orienting yourself and need to use Google Maps even to go and get some bread across the road… this is your app! Download the map of your route and check it anytime anywhere, no matter if you are connected or not. And, you can also use it as a GPS to travel by car! Don’t get lost, find your self!

Free | Available for iOS and Android

Word Lens:
You will not believe it! This app translates text in real time through your phone’s camera. It is not perfect, but will you help get out of some narrow escapes: not speaking a language is not a problem any longer for travelling!

What do you think about it? Get the wifi on and download all of them! And, to complement your trip to Barcelona, make the most of your stay at Hostemplo! If you are looking for accommodation in Barcelona, we’re your first choice! Remember, if you book on our web, you will get FREE breakfast for your first night. See you soon!