Easter is now over and, as every year, we get a ‘last call’ for the bikini challenge; summertime is round the corner and we are all willing to have selfies taken on the beach in our bikinis. Aren’t we right? No stress, today, at Hostemplo, we bring you some of the best spots to work out outdoors in Barcelona. Good weather, good views and… in good shape!
correr por la playa, barcelona.Earphones on and the sea breeze touching your face. Barcelona´s coastline offers the best jogging laps for running addicts. It is a flat itinerary that goes from the fancy W Hotel to the Forum, and we could go even further. There are also several fluffy grass areas in between these two points inviting to complement the workout session with sit-ups, some stretching and/or push-ups.
If, on top of that, you like getting up early… you’re lucky! There are not many people going for a run early in the morning, just a few yogis. No matter what you like better, waking up your body with meditation or yoga in front of the sea, enjoying the sunrise, should be as a must on your sports calendar!
carretera de les aigües
Yes, we know it is a classic! Although, on a Sunday morning, it might be more crowded than the beltways, it has to be on our list of top spots to work out in Barcelona! We have already recommended it from Hostemplo to go on the bike as well.
But, hold on! It is not only for runners or cyclers; coming from Plaza Mireia, at around km 3, you will find a horizontal bar to train your upper body and abdominals with one of the best sights over the city. You can also choose to practice some yoga and the sun salutation with Barcelona at your feet.
It’s not all about running and you, is it? What about shooting some hoops? You might not have heard of Monterols  and that’s why it is great.  It’s plenty of vegetation and peace. Monterols Park, located close to Ronda General Mitre, full of vegetation and areas prepared for all kind of users: children’s park, dog-friendly areas, etc.
If you get in through the stairs at Muntaner street, and you follow the paths going up and down, you will find the basketball pitch there; a bit hidden, but there it is, usually free. Fancy a game of 21?


jardines costa y lloberaThere are more spots we find suitable for today’s purpose, so if you like the article, there will be a part 2. However, we do not want to finish without mentioning three more places were you can practice yoga, meditate or simply relax and stretch after working out, or go for a walk or  o a ride:

If you rather not train alone… there are plenty of alternatives! There are several companies and sport organizations offering free outdoors workout sessions or at a very convenient price. You can try just once, x times a week, etc. Such a great idea! Our recommendations:

And, after a good workout… you deserve a good rest! If you are planning to come to Barcelona for holidays, here we are (link en cada idioma HOME). Remember! Before working out, you also deserve a good breakfast! If you make your booking on our web, you’ll get free breakfast during you whole stay in Barcelona!