Were you aware of the number of nature parks we have around Barcelona? You’ll be surprised! With the occasion of the upcoming European Day of Nature Parks, next 24th May, we bring you some routes through the nature parks near Barcelona. What does it look like? Let’s go!
NATURE PARK OF COLLSEROLA MOUNTAIN CHAIN Parque natural collserola, natural park

In a city overlooking the Mediterranean, … who would guess there is a hiding nature park such as Collserola? Collserola spreads behind Barcelona, as a big lung that oxygenates our great metropolis. There, you may enjoy 8.000 hectares (1 hectare = 2.471 acres) of protected nature. The Mediterranean weather and the variable relief have taken shape in a vegetation of mixed woods with plenty of white pine trees and holm oaks, with riverside species alternating with farming lands and bushes in the humid areas. The fauna counts on 190 vertebrate speciaes, such as squirrels, foxes and some wild boars, as well as a wide variety of birds.
Walking along the Aigües road and from the viewpoints you can observe the sight of both slopes of the mountain chain: the Barcelona one and the Vallés one. The park will amaze those who are keen in history, as it represents a small natural museum. Humans have inhabited the mountains since ancient times, so you can see the remains of an Iberian settlement at Sierra del Moro (Moor mountain chain), follow through the Gothic Castles of Castellciuró and Papiol, Santa Maria church or the ancient masías (Catalan country house) like the popular Vila Joana. The abundant natural springs, such as Budellera, is just another of the multiple options the park offers to those visiting.
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LLOBREGAT RIVER OPEN SPACE Parque natural río llobregat, natural park llobregat

One of the best options if you are travelling with the family! The Llobregat Delta, formed by a vast plain between Garraf and Montjuïc massif preserves one of the most important wetland areas of Catalonia. Today’s delta is a landscape mosaic where open spaces stand out for their environmental and scenic value. Did you know that 1.000 hectares have been protected by?
In autumn, winter and during spring, there are open air activities: activities for children and for the whole family, exploring, observing and analysis trips, as well as photography itineraries.
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pantano vallvidriera, vallvidriera

Another nice trip for those visiting us with children may be the Vallvidrera reservoir at Collserola. An ideal trip for spring or autumn on a weekend afternoon, it’s short but awesome!
Vallvidrera is a very quiet space to walk and enjoy nature. It is a good trip for kids, as you don’t have to walk too long and it is pretty flat. It is easy to reach by car or by ferrocarriles de la Generalitat (Catalan train) getting off at “Baixador de Vallvidrera” station. From there, you just need to cross the road and follow straight on till you see the directions for the reservoir.
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GARRAF NATURE PARK Parque natural del Garraf, Garraf natural park
Is it Barcelona? Yes, although deep fissures and fan palms may confuse us, we are in the heart of the Mediterranean coast. Calcareous rocks have created an exotic, karst landscape –fissuers and caves- with very particular vegetation. Vineyard huts and dry stonewalls disguise among the white stone and surround the old Catalan country houses and some of the small villages located in the lonely inside part of the park.
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NATURE PARK OF SANT LLORENÇ DAMUNT PARQUE NATURAL DE SANT LLORENÇ DAMUNTThis park’s particular landscape is formed by crags and monoliths of reddish conglomerate, in contrast with the green pinewoods and the holm-oak woods colonizing the mountain slopes and channels. Sant Llorenç del Munt monastery, built on the top of the Mola, is the most iconic monument in a massif where we can also find plenty of archeological remains from the Neolithic and   distinguished bearing country houses. What else can we expect? It is such a delight in any of the seasons!
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