CARNIVAL IN BARCELONA: Get ready for the party!

On 28th February is the official kick-off of the Carnival celebrations and that’s why we want to bring you the best plan for those in Barcelona! Ready? From 28th February to 6th March 2019, it’s Carnival time in Barcelona! Keep reading and we will tell you about the origins of this peculiar celebration as well as the best plans.


Did you know that the first Carnival records are dated in 1333? Yes, and the come from a regulation of the Council of Hundreds (local government entity), with the prohibition of throwing oranges and regulating the use of masks. Impressive, isn’t it? At that time, carnival used to start with the popular festivity of All Saints and used to last months. However, it was not until the 16th century that it started to look similar to what we celebrate nowadays.

It was not until last century that the fancy dress tradition became popular and was really on trend. Did you know that during the years of dictator Franco there was not a single official Carnival celebration in the city? The tradition was recovered after Franco’s death and with the beginning of democracy in Spain.


Carnival celebrations in Barcelona arrive one more year, from 28th February to 6th March 2019; it’s seven days of fun and debauchery. It is a very interactive celebration that counts of a whole program of activities that requires a thorough analysis by district (Carnaval de Las Ruas).  There are parades, dancing shows, omelet competition at Gràcia district LINK, workshops, mask balls, costume parties and music everywhere in the city. Let us bring you the highlights of what you should not miss:

  • 28th February 2019: DIJOUS GRAS / DIRTY THURSDAY
    Carnival in Barcelona officially starts on Dijous Gras (fat or dirty Thursday). It is popular for eating the typical omelet and Catalan sausage with egg. The “main dish” comes in the evening, though: the arrival of the arrival of the King of the Carnival and his ambassadors.
  • 2nd March 2019: La RÚA
    On Saturday afternoon, the majority of the parades take place thanks to the citizens initiative in each district; they are the Carnival Parades (“Las Ruas de Carnaval”).

  • 3rd March 2019: The King of the Carnival’s Parade and orange splash 

On Sunday afternoon starts “the King of the Carnival’s Parade and orange splash” (Desfilada del Rei Carnestoltes i la taronjada). It is a great party: the King of the Carnival and his ambassadors and… When the parade comes to an end, there is such a party fight taking place. It is the popular “Taronjada”, an open fight with orange confetti and balloons.

  • 6th March 2019: Burial of the sardine / Ash Wednesday
    On Ash Wednesday the burial of the sardine takes place. A satiric funeral procession is held in an iconic location of Barcelona. The King of the Carnival says goodbye until the following year and the days of crazy debauchery come to an end.

WE HIGHLIGHT: Sitges Carnival

As we have told you in previous years, LINK, Sitges Carnival is E S P E C T A C U L A R, as it sounds, really. If you want to visit it, you shouldn’t miss:

  • The great Venetian Gala
  • The costume bed race
  • Popular batucadas
  • The Queen’s coronation
  • And above all… the Great debauchery parade

More information? Check the official program of Sitges Carnaval LINK



And after so much party, what we call “sarao” in Spanish  merging party and movement, you do reserve a good rest! At Hsoemplo you’ll feel home. And remember, you’ll have your breakfast included during your whole stay just by booking through our web!