Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in the world. The city has been for years among the leading ones in Europe in terms of incoming tourists. However, do we really know everything about Barcelona? Today, at Hostemplo, we have one of those little surprises, secrets and mysteries we love revealing.


Las Ramblas de Barcelona - Ramblas Barcelona

Tourists at The Ramblas – Photo

You read that right! The most popular street in Barcelona is not just one street, but no more and no less than five streets, divided according to the activities that used to take place there in the old times:

  • Rambla de Canaletes, where the famous fountain (Canaletes), used by the Barça fans as a meeting point for celebrating the soccer team victories, is located.l.
  • Rambla dels Estudis, Rambla of the Studies) the part of the Ramblas closer to the universities (nowadays) and near the trade workshops (formerly).
  • Rambla de Sant Josep, name taken over from the convent that used to be located at this section of The Ramblas.
  • Rambla dels Caputxins, (Rambla of Capuchins) is the area situated between Plaza Real and the Great Liceu Theater, and takes its name from a former convent of this order that used to be located there.
  • La Rambla del Mar,  (Rambla of the Sea) as it names shows, it refers to the lower part of the modern Ramblas, a few meters away from the Port of Barcelona.


Portal de l'Àngel, Barcelona

Portal de l’Àngel – Photo from

If you are a fashion victim you’ll love to walk through Portal de l’Àngel, a sort of half-pedestrian promenade where around 3500 people are estimated to walk by per hour. You read that right! This small street is full of stores, shopping malls and some restaurants; shops open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and also on many bank holidays. It is the perfect place to go shopping and see the best windows in the city.


Rumor has it that Hercules himself, in one of his journeys through the Mediterranean, might have discovered the city of Barcelona. It is even said that the name of Barcelona might come from taking Hercules’ boat name, called Barca Nona in the occasion. Should we believe it? Legend or rumor, it is in any case an anecdote about Barcelona you probably had not heard before.


Ocas catedral de Barcelona - gooses at the Barcelona

Detail of the gooses – Photo from the web of  Barcelona’s Cathedral

If you tend to always be in a rush and just take pictures of the façades… you’ll miss this amazing goose colony! A must-see if you are travelling with kids. Because there are 13 white gooses wandering at their will at the pond inside Barcelona’s Cathedral.

The presence and number of gooses respond to a couple of legends. The first legend says that as the construction of the cathedral began, the guardian used to live with gooses. Once, a group of thieves tried to burst into the place and the gooses preventing the robbery from happening with their cawing. Since then, they earned the honor of being allowed to stay there. The number of animals, 13, is due to Santa Eulalia’s legend, buried in the Cathedral’s crypt. During Roman times, little Eulalia was convicted for rejecting to give up on Christian faith, suffering 13 tortures, according to her age. That’s what the number of gooses would come from. What do you think?


Barcelona vista desde el puerto - Barcelona from the port view

Photo: view of Barcelona – Photo from

No palm trees (just a few as decoration), no coconuts and almost no fish at its beaches; Barcelona seems to be, though, the best beach city in the world. National Geographic awarded the city with this honor given the excellent management of the waterfront makeover and renovation, the Barceloneta, the Olympic Village and othe constructions carried out during the years prior to the Olympics of Barcelona 92’.

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