You already know that, at Hostemplo, we love to bring you ideas to discover Barcelona. No matter what kind of trip you are planning, we have plans and ideas for you! Last year we brought you some ideal plans to visit Barcelona with kids and today, we want  to add some more for your family holidays. Let’s start!
1 is not enough! So we propose you three easy trips to go on with the family. Do you prefer the sea or the mountains? Make your choice… and enjoy!
Sant Medir Collserola Chapel
La ermita de Sant Medir Collserola
It’s an easy, fun and different plan. The walk starts at Mundet (M3 green line) and goes through Magarola hill. It’s a nice walk in the middle of nature. The chapel is awesome and full of all kind of curiosities that kids are willing to find in this type of family trips. After reaching the chapel it all downhill, so no stress. In the few kilometers to the sanctuary, you will find a mix of paths surrounded by vegetation with broader tracks: all these woods within Barcelona? Yes, come and discover it with the family!
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The Llobregat Delta
el delta del llobregat
If your kids like planes, take a trip to Prat de Llobregat. Take the new metro line (L9) to Las Moreras and leave El Prat narrow streets bejind you to search the blue and green colors of the delta. There are various itineraries to follow: one that will lead you to the Llobregat river mouth and a second one that ends up at the Caserna dels Carrabiners ruins. It’s up to you! Both are great, you can always get there early and make both. And, apart from the iron birds, you will also be able to observe birds, particularly in spring!
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Apolo Is cool, Apolo is different. If your kids dream of becoming rock stars, theres no better plan for them! Within their 20th Anniversay tour, Sidonie band have decided to offer a concert specially though for children. The concert will also be the year-end big party of the Apolo Rock School, a project that the club begun last year, with the purpose of approaching music history to the youngest ones in a pedagogic as well as fun way.
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filmoteca barcelona
No need to spend 10€ per ticket, right? The Filmoteca organizes a children’s film season, not to be missed! Among them, you’ll find The Secret Life of Pets, a successful film among the little ones of the family.
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laberinto de horta
You cannot imagine how well a labyrinth can work! Just a few know that it is the oldest park in the city, and having a labyrinth inside, makes it even more interesting. It is located in Horta district, near Collserola mountains and, apart form the maze, it also counts of a neoclassic garden from the 18th century and a romantic garden from the 19th century, as well as the Devalls family’s palace, owners of the land, a cascade and various sculptures about Greek mythology. Go in and play Theseus and the Minotaur!
mercat de sant antoni
Generation over generation of Barcelona children have been looking for the damn picture card we were missing to finish whatever collection; but you will also find magazines, films, books videogames or calendars. It is also the trendiest district of the city at the moment, so you can kill two birds with one stone and end up the search having a drink at one of the bars and restaurants at Parlament Street, for example. Hey! Next 26th and 27th May, the opening party of Sant Antony Market will take place. Will you miss it?
And remember, you have some more plans in our previous article about Barcelona with kids.
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