Who mentioned a post-holidays budget crunch? Celebrate back to school with the best tour in Barcelona … Bars with free tapas! Wow! Visit Barcelona as if you were in the South of Spain. Fancy a tapa with your drink? Follow us!
If there is a district in Barcelona where you can still find a slight tradition of free tapas, that’s the Barceloneta. That’s why we will start out tour at Cal Chusco.
Cal Chusco, La Barceloneta:
tapas gratis barcelona

Photo Bar Chusco, Bar Chusco.
It is a lifelong place, with popular prices for beer, where you can have from a plate of ham or cheese to some bravas, chistorra, omelette or home made croquettes; or anything that may come out of its charming cook’s mind that day. Want to find out more about their menu? Tasty fried fish (Pescaíto), home-made food… come by!
Where? 5, Almirall Aixada Street.
 More infro: Cal Chusco, Facebook 
Hard to believe but true! In the awesome district of Gracias, we can find two alternatives to have a beer or a glass of wine and enjoy a delicious tapa. How does it sound to you?
Gata Mala, Gracia:
tapas gratis Barcelona, Gata Mala

Gata Mala is a tiny bar, a gem for all Gracia lovers. Watch out: it is difficult to get in, but you will not want to get out! They have a little board on the street announcing them, and that’s all they need! While you have a beer or a glass of wine and enjoy one of their tapas (they keep changing) you’ll have the chance to rub shoulders with the most hipsters in the area, as well as admire the place’s decoration: grafittis by Banksy, childish drawings in the way between Liniers and Juanjo Sáez, made with shalk on the wall to announce the menu and the price list…
Where? 37, Rabassa Street
More info Gata Mala, Facebook.
La Xula Tapería, Gracia:
tapas gratis en Barcelona

A mix of Madrid’s beer and tapa effervescence – you get a free bite with each drink- and creative cuisine. How does it sound to you? Their beer is drafted following the Madrid style (the best od the best). You won’t miss ideas to start with, but we recommend the tuna tataki toast, their special burrito…
Where? 19, Mare de Déu dels Desamparats
More info: LaXulaTaperia Facebook.
Other bars with free tapas in Barcelona that we recommend:
La Bocatería de Mitre, Sant Gervasi:
It is a bar that won’t leave you indifferent. Creative names for even more creative bites. How does it sound to you? It will taste even better! And, yes, when you order a drink, they will also serve you either a warm tapa, like bravas, chistorra or spicy sausage, or a cold one, like butifarra blanca (Catalan sausage) tuna with red pepper or sobrasada (Majorca sausage) in a “local bar”. Do you frequent Puxet? This is your bar.
Where? 152, Rda. del General Mitre.
More info: LaBocateria de Mitre
Tapa la canya, Sant Antoni:
The name of the bar already states their intentions. Yes, it is true; we can find a bar with free tapas in the coolest district at the moment. And not any tapas! Chorizo, chistorra, croquettes, omeletter (with spinach, cheese, blue cheese), Russian salad, crab salad, … what would you go for?
Where? 42, Comte d’Urgell.
If you are not pretty convinced with our recommendations… we have more! You know we are keen on gastronomy at Hostemplo, to the extent that we have an exclusively dedicated section. How does it sound to you? Have a look at our culinary propositions!
And after a good tapas tour… a good rest! Eat and sleep, once you start, you can’t stop! Make sure you get a good rest in one of our rooms or apartments. And, remember, if you book through our web, free breakfast is included! What else?